World collection of pines and research station

Arboretum Sofronka in Plzeň – Bolevec was founded like a working site of FGMRI (Forestry and Game Management Research Institute), which is a state-sponsored organization with headquarters in Prague – Zbraslav established by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic.

The arboretum was founded in 1956 by Dipl. Ing. Karel Kaňák, Csc., following the approval by the Czechoslovak Academy of Agricultural Sciences of a research projekt entitled “Improvement of the Scots Pine”. As the available research plots and facilities were not sufficient for proper solution of the above project, Mr. Kaňák determined to establish a collection of worldwide assortment of Genus Pinus species within the Sofronka area in Plzeň – Bolevec.
The FGMRI canceled this working site in the autumn of 2009 and it was brought over under the Management public estate city Plzen to the section woods, town green and water economy as department for work with public and silvicultural research.

Arboretum Sofronka
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Dipl. Ing. Kaňák Jan Ph.D.
Head, Forest research station Arboretum Sofronka,

Forest and Game Management Research Institute
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Arboretum Sofronka
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Czech Republic

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